The Important Role Social Media Plays In 2018 SEO

The Important Role Social Media Plays In 2018 SEO

The Important Role Social Media Plays In 2018 SEO

There is staunch debate among SEO experts about the role that social media plays in helping to elevate domain rankings.

Some believe that it works to amplify the good work that is undertaken through clever strategy, whilst others dismiss the notion entirely.

What is obvious to the professional and novice is that the expansion and reach of social media is impossible to ignore for brands attempting to maximize their digital marketing campaign.

From Facebook to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest and more, the millions of active monthly use around Australia speaks to a cultural movement that changes the way communities interact with the web.

For the sake of optimisation, a trusted SEO company in Australia will discuss how these online portals affect the practice of SEO as well as providing some key tips to boosting your brand.


Google’s Indexing


One of the key facets that helps to drive SEO is the need to include indexed content for Google. This is where a social media platform like Twitter enters the equation because this is promoted content that can feature on news feeds and in organic search results unlike regular Facebook news items. The stronger the social media following you have, the greater the capacity that third party directories can access your information, which assists in the indexing process.


Inbound Link Accumulation

Those brands who have a strong social media presence are able to garner an organic means of sourcing quality inbound links that are recognized by search engines. This is an SEO trick that has been attempted through other means, most notably with authors trying to include links within the comments sections of posts and forums. The reality is that a brand in this instance must establish their authority and be trustworthy to add consumer value, but once that framework is established, then you can build momentum through additional inbound links.


Social Accounts Rank Individually

One of the unusual SEO tactics that has emerged given the boom of social media is the way in which social media pages themselves become a domain that is ranked. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube sites can be the chief domain for certain brands who utilize that platform greater than their own website ever could. In the event that you are crafting videos or shooting images on location, why wouldn’t you engage an outlet that can amplify your message and enhance brand recognition?


Social Hubs Are Their Own Unique Search Engines

One of the fundamental ways in which social media plays a role in the evolution of SEO practices is that these sites act as their own search engines. Facebook and YouTube have been strong influencers on the way in which Google has operated and a number of the algorithm updates can be contributed to this dynamic. To be engaged on social media is to tap into the wider picture when it comes to optimisation.


Boosting Your Brand and Domain Authority

Social media is a terrific means of instigating and leveraging your brand and domain authority. Having touched on the account pages for Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as ranking on their own merits irrespective of the website, SEO operators understand that the best way to get a foothold in the market is to invest in these applications rather than throw 100% of your endeavour into the website in isolation.


Whether you speak with an SEO expert who praises the role of social media or believes that your digital marketing efforts should be diverted to other projects, the same principles still apply. Your overall requirements do not change. You still need an online community of people who opt into your content, who share your content, and who give your brand authority in the niche. Pure SEO and social media can work in tandem to drive towards the long-term business objectives.


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