How Interior Design can Save Energy?

Using sweaters instead of heaters was a method of saving energy in old times. This is based on the fact that a wise man always saves. In fact everyone tend to save some money in the electricity bills by certain energy saving methods. The hike of costs of resources is the main reason to force common people to think of some energy saving tips in all activities. The precautions for energy saving have to be made before installing the apparatus and devices in the house. Interior designing is the most effective area in which much saving of energy can be easily made.

For instance, a ceiling fan can do a lot of the energy saving. How it works is based on the reverse rotation. It can keep you cool in summers and can bring soft warm air in the winter by reverse rotation of the blades. It is simple technique which can bring appreciable energy saving. Most of us are ignorant about these services. This method is helpful to save about three thousand five hundred watts of energy which is consumed by the air conditioners. The ceiling fans only use 60 watts for this same purpose. The decorative ceiling fans available in the market can also give a classy look to the rooms.

Lighting is the significant element of interior designing. Expensive and attractive lights are used these days. There is no compromise possible in the need of lights. The consumption of energy by these lights is high which can easily be replaced by simple methods. It includes, choosing wall paints which can make more sunlight enter in the rooms. The studies show that around eleven per cent of the total electricity bill in a house is by the lighting. It can be skipped by using paints that can reflect sunlight to a certain extent. Light color paints are commonly used for this purpose.


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