In 2009 we launched with a small team of 4 aiming to become a recognised independent music publication in the industry to help promote and inform the general public of many aspiring artists striving to achieve their goals.

By 2010 we grew significantly and were selected to be preserved in the National Library of Australia. Since its launch in July 2009 our audience of visitors rapidly grew reaching over 58 countries & territories in Oceania, Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.

In the proceeding years VoltageMedia solidified itself as one of the leading independent music publication’s in Australia and maintained sucessfull relationships with Soundworks Touring, Prime Cuts Music, Riot Entertainment, Stomp Entertainment, Red Ant Touring, Hypnotic Dirge Records, Warner Music Australia, Appareldirect and more.

By 2013 a number of key members of the team had departed to follow their own dreams and passion, it was at this time the decision was made that it was no longer feasible to continue VoltageMedia and thus unfortunately we closed our doors.

Now, 3 years later in 2016 VoltageMedia has returned with greater goals and aspirations, and this time we’re staying for good. Music will always continue to be a core aspect of VoltageMedia, but now we’re looking to broaden our horizens and deliver to you all kinds of news and events across Australia and beyond.