Live Review + Photos: Underoath w/ sleepmakeswaves @ Enmore Theatre 11/02/2017

This is a one in a lifetime show we got to witness on that very hot Saturday night in Sydney. Post-hardcore monsters Underoath were back after five years, and a three years long hiatus, to destroy everything again. And say they had been expected is an understatement. The “Rebirth Tour” is the first chance, for many of us, to finally see a band that has been a huge influence for the last 15 years. To celebrate this, they played their two biggest releases, Define The Great Line and They’re Only Chasing Safety, in their entirety. So it is also the first chance for many people to hear some of their favourites songs live.

They opened the set with the famous Young and Aspiring and A Boy Brushed Red In Black And White, and it only took a few seconds to see the audience go wild, and getting wilder at each songs. Clearly, everybody is at their happiest, including the band, obviously. Spencer Chamberlain takes a moment to express how he feels about being back on stage with the rest of the guys after so long. Time for us to realise how lucky we are to witness this show, with all the original line-up or at least the closest we can get to the original line-up. So let’s enjoy it to the fullest right? The crowd knows this and by the time they play the huge success that Reinventing Your Exit is, everyone is yelling and jumping like it’s the end of the world.

It may have been a few years since they have played those songs on a stage, but they sure are still as good as they were. Spencer Chamberlain sounds the exact same he does on the records, which is obviously awesome, and very appreciated (not to sound mean to anyone, but it doesn’t happen that often anymore). They finish the Chasing Safety cycle with Down.Set.Go, which sees everyone holding their phones and lighters and beautifully singing along.

After a very short break, the violence comes back with Define The Great Line and its beautiful intro, In Regard To Myself. It may be a long and hot show, but clearly no one cares. The crowd is getting wilder and wilder, and so are the guys on stage. Songs like You’re Ever So Inviting or Returning Empty Handed are sang loudly, but the highlight of this part of the show would definitely be the famous Writing On The Walls, that was clearly expected by most people judging the numerous “oh my God! Finally!” i heard when the first notes started.

Needless to say, that was a night to remember. Underoath has proved to anyone that doubted it (if there ever was anyone) that even after being away for years, they still are as good and as loved as they were. Actually, it’s like they never really left. That’s how good they are. Everyone walked out of the venue with stars in their eyes and a big heart filled of joy and content. Now, we also got the good news that this reunion tour is just the start to something new, and, thank you very much, Australia is on the list for more shows in the years to come. So, let’s cherish this chance we got to witness this show tonight, and wait for more Underoath madness to come !